1/2.3″ Wide Angle 3mm 120 Degree M12 Lens

The M12 wide-angle lens, featuring specifications of 16MP resolution, 1/2.5 inch image format, 3.1mm focal length, F2.0 aperture, 122-degree horizontal field of view (HFOV), and an M12 mount with IP67 rating, offers superior image quality and durability for various demanding applications.

This lens is exceptionally well-suited for the following scenarios:

Outdoor surveillance and security: such as parking lots, construction sites, and perimeter security installations.
Industrial and machine vision: such as quality control, product inspection, and automated optical inspection (AOI) in manufacturing environments.
Traffic monitoring and management: such as traffic flow analysis, incident detection, and congestion management on roadways and highways.
Environmental monitoring and surveillance: including wildlife observation, weather monitoring, and environmental research projects.
Agriculture and farming: such as crop monitoring, field mapping, and yield estimation, aiding farmers in optimizing crop management practices and maximizing productivity.


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