ADAS, Surround View Systems, Backup Cameras, Driver Monitoring Systems, Gesture Recognition, Head-Up Displays.

Code Readers

Retail, Inventory Management, Asset Tracking, Logistics and Shipping, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Mobile Applications.


Aerial Photography and Videography, Surveillance and Monitoring, Mapping and Surveying, Search and Rescue, Environmental Monitoring, Infrastructure Inspection.

Smart Homes

The basic principle behind smart homes is to use a series of systems that we know will make our lives easier and save energy.


VR Cameras, 360-Degree Video Recording, VR Headsets, Augmented Reality (AR) Headsets, Depth Sensing and 3D Scanning, Eye Tracking.

Surveillance and Security

Surveillance and Security, Crime Prevention, Traffic Monitoring, Public Safety,Retail Loss Prevention,Workplace Monitoring, Industrial and Manufacturing.