What Is A Long Focal Lens Suitable For Shooting? The Difference Between Long Focal Lenses And Short Focal Lenses

Long focal lens is one of the common types of lenses in photography, as it [...]

What is a Vehicle Infrared Thermal Imaging Lens? What are the Characteristics?

Nowadays, a car has become indispensable for every family, and it is very common for a [...]

What are the Types and Features of Machine Vision Lenses

What is a machine vision lens? A machine vision lens is a critical component in a machine [...]

Application Of Chuang’an Near-infrared Lens In Palm Print Recognition Technology

With the rapid development of technology, biometric technology has been increasingly applied in continuous exploration. [...]

Features,Applications,And Testing Methods Of Optical Glass

Optical glass is a special glass material used for manufacturing optical components.Due to its excellent optical [...]

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