F1.8 1/2.8″ efl 2.53mm 173° M12 wide angle lens for OV4689 ISX-017

Here are some suitable applications for this M12 wide-angle lens:
Security Cameras: Ideal for surveillance systems where a wide field of view is crucial to monitor large areas such as parking lots, building entrances, or warehouses.
Dashcams: Perfect for capturing a broad perspective of the road ahead, enhancing safety and providing comprehensive coverage for recording traffic incidents.
360-Degree Cameras: Suitable for panoramic cameras that aim to capture immersive, all-encompassing views, perfect for virtual tours, live streaming, or VR content creation.
Action Cameras: Well-suited for action cameras used in sports and outdoor activities, providing a wider perspective to capture more of the surroundings during adventures.
Drone Cameras: Excellent for aerial photography and videography, enabling drones to capture expansive landscapes or large-scale events with precision and clarity.
Video Conferencing Systems: Useful for wide-angle lenses in video conferencing cameras, ensuring that all participants in a meeting room are captured clearly within the frame.
Vehicle Rearview Cameras: Great for rearview cameras in vehicles, offering a wider field of view to enhance safety and assist drivers in maneuvering and parking.
Industrial Inspection Systems: Suitable for machine vision applications, enabling comprehensive inspection of manufacturing processes, assembly lines, and industrial equipment.
360-Degree Live Streaming Cameras: Ideal for live streaming events or performances, providing viewers with an immersive, panoramic experience from various vantage points.
Wildlife Monitoring Cameras: Effective for wildlife observation and research, allowing for the capture of wide-angle views in natural habitats without disturbing the animals.


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