3.6mm F2.8 1/2.5″ 128° M8*P0.5 IR850nm/BN Wide Angle Lens

This wide angle board lens is crafted to deliver expansive coverage and sharp imaging for diverse applications. With a 1/2.5” image format, 105-degree horizontal field of view (HFov), 3.6mm focal length, f2.8 aperture, M8 mount, and 13.97mm total track length (TTL), this lens excels in various surveillance, monitoring, and industrial settings. It’s ideal for overseeing indoor and outdoor environments such as retail stores, parking lots, and manufacturing facilities, offering clear visibility and comprehensive coverage of critical areas. Additionally, its versatility makes it suitable for traffic monitoring, public safety, and environmental observation, providing detailed imaging and enhancing situational awareness in a range of scenarios.


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