Application Of Chuang’an Near-infrared Lens In Palm Print Recognition Technology

With the rapid development of technology, biometric technology has been increasingly applied in continuous exploration. Biometric identification technology mainly refers to a technology that uses human biometrics for identity authentication. Based on the uniqueness of human features that cannot be replicated, biometric identification technology is used for identity authentication, which is both secure, reliable, and accurate.

The biological features of the human body that can be used for biometric recognition include hand shape, fingerprint, face shape, iris, retina, pulse, auricle, etc., while behavioral features include signature, voice, button strength, etc. Based on these features, people have developed various biometric technologies such as hand recognition, fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, pronunciation recognition, iris recognition, signature recognition, etc.

Palmprint recognition technology (mainly palm vein recognition technology) is a high-precision live identity recognition technology, and is also one of the most popular and secure biometric recognition technologies at present. It can be applied in banks, regulatory places, high-end office buildings and other places that require precise identification of personnel’s identities. It has been widely used in fields such as finance, medical treatment, government affairs, public security and justice.

Palmar vein recognition technology is a biometric technology that utilizes the uniqueness of palm vein blood vessels to identify individuals. Its main principle is to use the absorption characteristics of deoxyhemoglobin in veins to 760nm near-infrared light to obtain venous vessel information. To use palmar vein recognition, first place the palm on the sensor of the recognizer, then use near-infrared light scanning for recognition to obtain human vein vessel information, and then compare and authenticate through algorithms, database models, etc. to ultimately obtain the recognition results.

Compared to other biometric technologies, palm vein recognition has unique technological advantages: unique and relatively stable biological features; Fast recognition speed and high security; Adopting non-contact identification can avoid health risks caused by direct contact; It has a wide range of application scenarios and high market value.

The lens (model) CH2404AC independently developed by Chuang’an Optoelectronics is a near-infrared lens designed specifically for scanning applications, as well as an M6.5 lens with characteristics such as low distortion and high resolution. As a relatively mature near-infrared scanning lens, CH2404AC has a stable customer base and is currently widely used in palm print and palm vein recognition terminal products. It has application advantages in banking systems, park security systems, public transportation systems, and other fields.

Chuang’an Optoelectronics was established in 2010 and began to establish a scanning business unit in 2013, focusing on the development of a series of scanning lens products. It has been ten years since then. Nowadays, over a hundred scanning lenses from Chuang’an Optoelectronics have mature applications in fields such as facial recognition, iris recognition, palm print recognition, and fingerprint recognition. Lens such as CH166AC, CH177BC, etc., applied in the field of iris recognition; CH3659C, CH3544CD and other lenses are used in palm print and fingerprint recognition products.

Chuang’an Optoelectronics is committed to the optical lens industry, focusing on the research and development and production of high-definition optical lenses and related accessories, providing customized image services and solutions for various industries. In recent years, the optical lenses independently developed and designed by Chuang’an have been widely used in various fields such as industrial testing, security monitoring, machine vision, unmanned aerial vehicles, motion DV, thermal imaging, aerospace, etc., and have received widespread praise from domestic and foreign customers.