1/1.8″ 3.6mm 130 Degree M12 Wide Angle Lens

The board wide-angle lens, featuring specifications of 8.8MP resolution, F2.0 aperture, M12 mount, 3.6mm effective focal length (EFL), 1/1.8” image format, 129-degree horizontal field of view (HFOV), and a 7-group (7G) lens structure, offers outstanding imaging performance and expansive coverage for various applications.

This lens is exceptionally well-suited for the following applications:

Surveillance and security systems: With its high resolution and wide field of view, this lens is perfect for monitoring large areas such as parking lots, campuses, and industrial facilities, providing clear and detailed imagery for surveillance purposes.
Traffic monitoring and management: Ideal for traffic surveillance cameras, this lens captures comprehensive views of roadways, intersections, and traffic flow, facilitating traffic monitoring, congestion management, and law enforcement tasks.
Machine vision and industrial automation: The lens’s high resolution and wide-angle coverage make it suitable for machine vision applications such as quality control, product inspection, and robotic guidance in manufacturing and assembly processes.
Aerial photography and mapping: When integrated into drones or UAVs, this lens captures high-resolution aerial imagery with a wide field of view, making it valuable for applications like aerial mapping, surveying, and environmental monitoring.
Environmental monitoring and scientific research: The lens’s wide field of view and high resolution make it well-suited for capturing detailed images of natural landscapes, wildlife habitats, and scientific phenomena, supporting research, conservation efforts, and environmental monitoring projects.


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