4mm M12 1/1.8″ 96 Degree Wide Angle Low Distortion Lens for Vedio Conferencing Camera

The 4mm M12 lens is a high-resolution optical component designed for demanding imaging applications. It features a 16-megapixel resolution, providing sharp and detailed images. With a 4mm focal length and a 96-degree horizontal field of view (HFOV), this lens captures a wide area, making it ideal for surveillance, security cameras, and panoramic photography. The lens has a minimal TV distortion of -3.6%, ensuring accurate representation of the scene without significant warping. Its F/2.8 aperture allows for good performance in low-light conditions, enhancing image quality in various lighting environments.
This lens is particularly suitable for applications requiring high-resolution imaging over a broad field of view, such as video surveillance, machine vision, drone cameras, and other high-definition video recording systems.


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