M7*P0.35 1/4” 2.26mm 140 Degree Wide Angle Lens

This M7 mount board lens boasts a compact design with a very short total track length (TTL) of 9.32mm. It features a 1/4” image format, an F2 aperture for enhanced low-light performance, and a wide 112-degree horizontal field of view (HFOV).
Applications for this lens include:
Compact Surveillance Cameras: Ideal for discreet surveillance systems where space is limited, such as in small offices, retail stores, or homes.
Body Cameras: Well-suited for compact body-worn cameras used in law enforcement, security, or personal recording situations.
360-Degree Cameras: When combined with other lenses, this lens can contribute to creating immersive 360-degree videos or images for virtual reality (VR) applications.
Dashboard Cameras: Suitable for use in car dash cams to capture a wide view of the road ahead, enhancing safety and providing evidence in case of accidents.


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