12mm M12 Lens 1/1.8″ 32 Degree 8.8MP Low Distortion

With a focal length of 12mm, this lens is crafted to offer a versatile imaging solution. Its specialized construction ensures optimal image quality, making it ideal for various applications such as surveillance, industrial imaging, and machine vision.

The 12mm M12 lens boasts a remarkable TV distortion of less than -0.2%, ensuring minimal image distortion and preserving the accuracy of captured visuals. This feature is particularly valuable for applications where precision and distortion-free imaging are paramount.

Designed to complement a 1/1.8” sensor, the lens provides a generous 32-degree Horizontal Field of View (HFoV), allowing for a broad perspective without compromising image clarity. Whether used in security cameras or industrial inspection systems, this lens excels in capturing a wide field of vision with exceptional detail.


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