efl3mm 153 degree Board Lens F2.5 IR650nm 1/2.3″ IMX117 Wide Angle Lens

This is a high-quality 3mm M12 lens designed for use with cameras featuring a 1/2.3” image format. With a fast f2.5 aperture and M12 mount, it delivers excellent image clarity and brightness. Its wide 120-degree horizontal field of view (HFOV) ensures comprehensive coverage, making it ideal for capturing expansive scenes with precision and detail. Some potential applications for this lens include:
Surveillance: The wide field of view allows for monitoring large areas with a single camera, making it suitable for security and surveillance purposes.
Automotive: This lens could be used in automotive cameras for applications such as rearview cameras or 360-degree view systems, providing drivers with enhanced visibility and safety.
Drone Photography: Drones equipped with this lens could capture expansive aerial views with sharp detail, making it suitable for aerial photography and videography.
Industrial Imaging: In industrial settings, this lens could be used for quality control, monitoring production lines, or inspecting large equipment or structures.
Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): The wide field of view is advantageous for immersive VR experiences or AR applications where capturing a broad perspective is crucial for realism.


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