M12 Fisheye Lens 1/2.8″ 185 Degree 1.19mm 8MP

With a remarkable 1.19mm Effective Focal Length (EFL) and an expansive 214-degree Field of View (FOV), this lens broadens your visual horizons, allowing you to encapsulate more of the scene in a single frame. The M12 Fisheye Lens boasts a 4.3mm image circle, providing ample coverage for your imaging needs. Its 8-megapixel resolution ensures crystal-clear and vividly detailed photographs, allowing you to relive moments with exceptional clarity. The lens features a sophisticated 10G lens structure, ensuring optimal light transmission. Optimized for 1/2.3-inch sensors, the M12 Fisheye Lens maximizes the potential of your imaging device, delivering uncompromised performance in a compact form factor.


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